Ummmm…busy. Busy, busy, busy. I’m not really sure why, but the past month has been unbelievably busy.

We are four weeks into the first quarter. Plus Week 0 before that and move-in week before that. And two weeks of traveling with classmates before that. All together it’s been 8 weeks since I first met my classmates. And I love them.  Continue reading

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Week 0

I made it through Week 0! I am officially 1/105 of my way through the GSB.

Week 0 is basically an orientation week, but the GSB has managed to include an entire course along with all the orientation stuff. Granted, the course is very easy and very short and only worth 1 credit (105 credits are required to graduate), but I’m still going to claim that I have now completed a class at the GSB and am 1/105 of my way to graduation! Continue reading

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The Articles

I’m sure that some of you seriously interested in business school read the New York Times articles last week. For those who haven’t found them yet, the initial article was about the gender divide at Harvard, followed by a second one on the wealth divide.

My first impression was that the articles must be overblown. Continue reading

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Summer Travels

Whooops….I meant to stay a bit more on top of the blog. Somehow classes haven’t even started and I’m already too busy. Today will be pretty short and then I’ll do a bit more over the weekend when I have some more time.

So, jumping back in time about three weeks, at the end of August I headed down to Colombia (the country; the school is spelled with a “u”) with 250 Continue reading

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Money, Money, Money!!!

One of the simultaneously best and worst aspects of business school is that you can pay for it with loans. The upside for the many of us who don’t have $200,000 stashed away is that loans make it possible for us to attend business school. The downside is that the loans are big and expensive. Continue reading

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The To-Do List

It’s been 10 days since I posted my to-do list. I’m going to do a quick run-through on how things are going and add in a few more items so that all you future-GSBers can get an idea of what your pre-GSB summer will look like!

1. Medical Forms- completed, sent in, and received! I also got the yellow fever vaccine which is required for a trip I am going on with a bunch of other GSBers before classes start. At this point I think it’d be hard to find a vaccine that I haven’t Continue reading

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New Computer

One of the to-do items I mentioned in my last post was purchasing a new computer. Since this seemed like a much more fun thing to do than taking skills assessors or re-writing my resume on the GSB template, I spent last night on the Apple website figuring out exactly what I needed.

Now for starters, I need to admit that I love Apple. I got a mac for college and was instantly a convert. Compared to the very old Dell I had been using up to that point, the mac was fast, intuitive, Continue reading

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