My First Quarter in a Nutshell

First quarter is over. Actually, it’s been over for a couple of weeks, but since winter quarter hasn’t started yet I don’t think this update is toooooo late. Fall quarter was more fun and more exhausting than I could have imagined, even after reading and hearing about it from other MBAs.

At the start of the quarter the emphasis is on socializing. The AAP (Academic Adjustment Period…this used to be called EAP, but they changed it for some unknown reason) lasts until late October, so there’s no recruiting and no clubs, leaving only classes and endless opportunities to meet your classmates. Plus talks every day at lunch by people from all sorts of industries, which you never want to miss. And TALK on Mondays, FOAM on Tuesdays, Open Mic night on Wednesdays (I think that’s new this year; organized by some of the incredible, musically-inclined members of my class), BPL on Thursdays, and normal weekend nights on Fridays and Saturdays either locally or up in the city. Small group dinners happen almost every night if you are lucky enough to win the lottery for them.

Then late October arrives and the relaxed AAP ends. You have to sign up for clubs, figure out if you’re doing OCR (and be forewarned if you’re looking into consulting or banking…that group had events almost every night during the weeks before and after Thanksgiving break), SEED is due, Diversity Day swallows a whole Wednesday, Executive Challenge appears on your schedule, there’s a required seminar on how to register for winter/fall classes and then hours spent figuring your class choices, resume and cover letters are due, some classes finish and have final exams, and other classes start with no warning.

And then it’s over. You go into you Ethics final still thinking about how poorly the previous day’s Finance final went and changes you want to make to your class schedule for next quarter and how much you need to get done over break. You finish the final and turn it in. And stand there. Then you head over the Coupa and get your drink of choice (mimosas for most, beer or coffee for a few) and stand in the California sun with all 400 of your classmates and enjoy the feeling of having made it through an amazing first quarter.

Winter quarter starts on Monday.


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3 Responses to My First Quarter in a Nutshell

  1. R2 interviewing... says:

    Thanks for such a high quality resource!

    Do you know how much the average/range of GSB fellowships are? I am trying to figure out if I could afford the GSB – I’ve already been offered a nearly full-ride at Ross and am making the cost-benefit decision. As background, I’ve worked in a nonprofit for the last 3 years and have some, but not too much, savings.

    Any range or insights you could give would be really helpful!

    • Hi,

      Congrats on the acceptance at Ross! The best place to go for Fellowship information would be the GSB Financial Aid Office… you can find out about average aid, loan forgiveness, etc. They will also tell you exactly what your financial aid package will be (Fellowships, loans) a couple of weeks after you are accepted and well before the decision deadline so that you can take cost into account when making your decision.

  2. Wow, sounds like you are really busy. I am looking forward to business school next year.

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