Finals Week

And….I slacked off on posting again.

Before I get to the boring stuff, CONGRATULATIONS to all the new admits! I can’t wait to meet you all at admit weekend (which is definitely worth the trip).

For those of you wondering exactly what you’ll be up to a year from today let me run through the events of the week. 

First, it’s finals week. I’m incredibly jealous of the MBA2s who don’t have GSB finals. Some of them are still around because they have finals for classes across the street, but most are off on amazing trips. Meanwhile, we MBA1s just finished up accounting this morning and are supposed to be studying for ethics tomorrow morning.

Since we’re in the middle of finals the MBA1 facebook group has been going wild with all forms of procrastination. One of the most popular is booking flights for Vegas FOAM next February. There’re also groups arranging outings to the Nutcracker in San Francisco later this week, weekends in Tahoe during winter quarter, and case study groups for the people doing OCR (on campus recruiting) for consulting. Clearly some procrastination is more fun than other procrastination, but anything works during finals.

My classmates are also using this week to apply for joint degrees (such as the CS degree), pick GSB electives and across-the-street classes for next quarter, try to switch around required GSB classes for winter and spring to better time slots, worry about summer internship applications that were due last Friday, prepare for internship interviews, and sign up to call new admits over the break.

At the end of the week everyone will disperse, some heading home and others going off on their global study trips to places like China, Brazil, Finland, India, Argentina, Morocco, and a bunch of others I’m forgetting.

Since there won’t be any classes for the next month, my plan is to get all of the posts I wanted to write this quarter finally written and posted here. Some of the topics I’m planning on hitting are listed below; feel free to let me know if you’re super interested in any of this, and for all the new admits if you’ve heard about GSB things and want some more information just let me know what you’re interested in.

Global studies trips

Classes this semester

Classes for next semester

Joint degrees

On campus recruiting

Executive challenge


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2 Responses to Finals Week

  1. Gsb admit says:

    Thank you for writing this blog- it is already a helpful resource. I’m a R1 GSB admit (woo!) and would be most interested in learning about:
    Joint degrees
    Executive challenge

    Also, anything you’d wish you had done over the summer to prep. Thanks again.


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