The To-Do List

It’s been 10 days since I posted my to-do list. I’m going to do a quick run-through on how things are going and add in a few more items so that all you future-GSBers can get an idea of what your pre-GSB summer will look like!

1. Medical Forms- completed, sent in, and received! I also got the yellow fever vaccine which is required for a trip I am going on with a bunch of other GSBers before classes start. At this point I think it’d be hard to find a vaccine that I haven’t gotten.

2. MBA Entrance Registration- completed! But that one was easy.

3. Buy a computer- completed! Or at least ordered. The tracker says it should arrive on Friday.

4. Confirming classes- completed! Although I might still be a little depressed from seeing how un-prepared I seem to be.

5. Buying clothes- in process. I’ve been sporadically buying some more business casual items and I think I’m good on that front until I get to school and see what I need. I do still need to buy a nice suit for interviews, but I’m putting that off. 

6. Buying shoes- completed! This was an easy one. Buying shoes is fun. Although you can never really have too many, so I might work on this item a bit more.

7. Buy a smart phone- completed! My iPhone and I are now  best friends.

8. Loans- nope. Kinda like the fancy interview suit, I seem to be procrastinating on all these more serious things. In my defense though, the GSB was supposed to give us some loan-related paperwork on August 1st but they just pushed that date back 2 weeks. I’m interpreting that as permission to not think about loans for 2 more happy, debt-free weeks.

9. Assessors- another one of those more serious things I seem to be putting off. These aren’t really required (just strongly recommended) and they aren’t “due” until mid September. So I keep thinking I have tons of time to work through them. However, I leave on August 24th and after that life is going to be a bit crazy since I’m traveling for two weeks, then a few hectic days to move in and buy all the stuff I need for my room, and then GSB stuff begins in full force. So I really need to get these done sometime in the next three weeks.

10. Shipping- sort of completed. From my very un-thorough research, it appears that FedEx is the cheapest/easiest option. You can pack stuff in a huge suitcase and have FedEx pick that up at your house and deliver it to Stanford (in my case to Schwab) about a week later for less money than it would cost to ship the same amount of weight through USPS (and USPS requires that you drop off and pick up such big items at a post office). The biggest kink in my FedEx plan is that I’m still not sure where to ship it to. We’ve been advised that items being shipped to Schwab need to have our suite number (which we haven’t been given yet) and need to arrive after September 1st. So if I get my suite number before I leave the US to travel my plan is perfect. If I don’t, then it’s a bit less perfect.

Yeah, I know, one of the least exciting posts in the history of blogging. But wait, it gets better, I have additions to the to-do list!

1a. Resume- I have to rewrite my resume in the Stanford format.

2a. Profile- I have to put in a bunch of profile information on Stanford’s internal system somewhere. Supposedly this information is designed to help the professors with seating assignments. I already tried to this once but the old computer I’m using wouldn’t/couldn’t open the webpage. Hmmmmm.

3a. Personal Statement- You’d think that once you got into bschool you’d be done with all the essays. But that would just be boring. Stanford wants professors for one of our fall classes to have some information about us and instead of just passing on our application essays the GSB is requiring that we all write a brand new essay for this. Yay! It’s due in 10 days so I need to get on this.

4a. Figure out emails- I have at least three Stanford email addresses at the moment and I don’t really know why. One is left over from my undergrad days and still works. The other two are from the GSB. And if we’re counting everything Stanford related I also have an unofficial one from undergrad and an alumni one. They’re everywhere. At the moment they all get sent to my gmail inbox, but I need to figure out where they’re coming from, if/when any of them expire, and why I can receive mail in my gmail inbox but not send mail from these addresses through gmail. I’m saving this task for after I get my new computer so that at least one aspect of it is fun.

5a. Figure out what Class Liaisons and First Year Representatives are. The GSB admitted student website has a to-do list for us and these things are both on it although I have no clue what they are. So I need to figure out what they are and maybe apply.

If you’ve made it this far, kudos to you! Even my eyelids are starting to droop a bit. I promise to start writing about more interesting things soon. The next few things on my list are: My Stanford Buddy (part 2), Loans, Assessors, Schwab Roommates, and maybe any interesting follow-ups on the (a) part of my to-do list from above. If you have a preference for any of those and what information asap, just let me know!


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2 Responses to The To-Do List

  1. Ankur says:

    It would be great to know more about loans – how you got them, at what interest rates, and what are the options for people who don’t stay in the US. Moreover, your perspective on scholarships you/your friends have got would be helpful too. Thanks.

  2. future-GSBers – I stopped reading after that ;).

    Great blog btw.. Appreciate the time You took to write and the willingness to share the experience:)

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