Picking Up Speed…

Hopefully you all enjoyed the turbo-speed version of my business school applications. Moving forward I plan to focus more on the GSB experience, so if you have any application questions just let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do. In other news, my not-so-trusty old 2006 macbook finally kicked the bucket (talk about perfect timing) so my posts will be (have been) a bit unpredictable until I replace it. Hopefully I still get something up at least once or twice a week.
For those interested in what happens in late July in the world of business school preparations, my list over the last/next few days, in no particular order, includes:
1. Filling out lots of medical forms, figuring out a way to get a tuberculosis test with the accompanying signature, and making sure that all of those papers find their way to Stanford’s health center before July 31st.
2. MBA Entrance Registration- another short online form that needs to be filled out. I’ve yet to figure out the purpose of this one, but I’m sure it’s important to someone.
3. Buying a computer. I’ve decided on the 13″ Macbook air (basically the same as my old macbook, minus about 10 pounds and plus an operating system that works). Still trying to figure out if I need a dual boot or some sort of parallel system thing so that I can use Windows Excel…I’ll have another post on this topic once I figure out what it all means.
4. Confirming the number of classes I took in college in subject areas like accounting (0), finance (0), operations (0), anything else relevant to business school (0). You could log up to 50 courses for each subject. Me thinks maybe this is the GSB’s way of saying that I should begin to worry?
5. Buying clothes. A nonprofit wardrobe apparently has no relation to business casual, much less business formal. 
6. Buying shoes. (see #5)
7. Buying an iPhone  I was on the first day of a 10-day trip when my macbook died and as a result was internetless for the entire trip. I’ve already had at least a dozen people tell me that if it had happened when I was already in bschool I would have missed 1,000+ life-altering emails and my life would have been ruined. So now I have a smart phone just in case.
8. Figuring out loans. Perkins, Stafford, PLUS, private, %, origination fee, APR, interest, fees, repayment plans, income-based, government, debt, rates, ahhhhhhh!!!! Needless to say, there’s some work to be done on this front.
9. Assessors. The GSB has these delightful “skills assessors” everyone needs to work through before getting to campus. From what I’ve heard, it’s not a one shot pass/fail thing; instead, it’s a keep-taking-the-same-test-until-you-answer-enough-questions-correctly thing. I’ve also heard rumors that there are helpful tutorials included to teach you the stuff you don’t know. I’ll put up another post detailing my sure to be fun experience with the skills assessors once I actually do them.
10. Shipping. I will be traveling for a few weeks at the end of the summer and intend to head directly to campus from those travels. So, I need to figure out how to ship my stuff and have it all end up at the right place at the right time. Luckily I’m only taking clothes, and don’t have to deal with shipping cars and furniture and household things like some of my classmates. Hopefully no big deal.
And that’s how almost-MBAs (this one, at least) spend the last few days of July!

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Stanford GSB class of 2015
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2 Responses to Picking Up Speed…

  1. Mai B. says:

    Hello from France =)
    Thank you for sharing your experience on this blog. It truly helps, especially for overseas applicants !
    Would you know if Stanford GSB has a lot of MBA mums, or are they just not the type of applicants adcoms favor ?

    • Hey Mai B!

      I’m glad you find the blog helpful! As for your question, unfortunately I don’t really know. I can tell you that there are a bunch of students at the GSB with children and from what I’ve heard the GSB is very supportive of them- Stanford provides child-friendly housing very close to the GSB, they take having kids into account when the figure out your financial aid package, etc. But I’m not sure what the adcoms think. I would suggest that you call the admissions office and just ask what concerns they might have about MBA moms so that you can address them in your application. Also, thinking back to my application, I don’t remember them asking about family status so you might be able to apply without them ever knowing (although I could be wrong here).

      Best of luck!!!!

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