Applying: Part 10 (waiting again…)

After the interviews comes another wait. A very long and anxious wait that will have you pulling your hair out. The upside is that it’s likely that once you finish your interview at the first school you will still be waiting for invites from other schools and once those invites come the preparation and actual interview will keep you very distracted for a few weeks.

However, there will come a day when all of your interviews are done. And the decision deadlines are still weeks away. It’s a painful time. At that point, there is only one solution. It is the equivalent of a magical pill that makes time fly by. It is called Sporcle. I can look at a blank world map and write out the name of every single country in the world, name all of the U.S. Presidents in order, and identify every bone in the human body. Can you?


About backinthebay2015

Stanford GSB class of 2015
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