Applying: Part 6 (resume)

Yup, I’m not really going to be much help on this one. The best thing I can do to help is to summarize some things I did (or wish I did). The resume is a great opportunity. Don’t just turn in what’s sitting on your computer.

If you can, show how all of your prior work experience and education have turned you into the person you are today. How have these experiences helped shape your current goals and motivated your application to bschool?

I’d also recommend going through the official website for the school you are applying to and pulling out all the adjectives they use to describe their ideal students. These adjectives should make an appearance in your resume.

Once you have your essays written make sure to take a look at the whole package. Are your essays consistent with your resume? Are you covering the same material twice? Does it all make sense and present a clear picture?

Last but not least, go find someone who understands resume and can help you. If you’re out in the real work world find a friend in HR and ask them to take a look. If you’re still in school find the career services center and ask them.

Okay, I know that none of that was earth shatteringly helpful or original. But my next post will be about the GMAT and for that one I actually do have some good stuff. Should be up some time this weekend!

Good luck!


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2 Responses to Applying: Part 6 (resume)

  1. Lifehacker4ever says:

    Thank you a lot for your detailed explanations about the admission process. I would like to apply for 2014 classes and now trying to decide which schools to apply. Should it be a top school like you succeed or the other ones like Columbia etc…, should i think applying a Chinese or Japanese School. I am really in “Part 1:Deciding the Schools” :).
    Anyway, I will be following your blog. (Greetings from Turkey)

    • Hi!
      Those are all tough questions. It’s great that you’re thinking about them now. The easiest way to answer the continent question would be to decide what you want to do and where you want to be after bschool. If you want to end up in the US/Europe then a Chinese/Japanese school would not be a good choice. Theyre not well enough known to give you many options outside of Asia. If you want to do a non-US school you should consider European schools, like INSEAD. If you want to end up in Asia, then an Asian school might be okay, especially since they’re cheaper and often only one year long.

      As for what level school to apply to, that really depends on your profile. However, You probably don’t want to go too far down the ranking lists. If you are going to be taking out loans then schools outside the top 20 (or even the top 10) don’t have a great ROI. They seem to have lower post-MBA employment rates and much lower post-MBA salaries.

      Good luck with your apps!

      Bitb2015 : )

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