My Stanford Buddy

Today I received the weekly GSB Digest. It’s usually a list of opportunities and upcoming events- lots of welcome get-togethers, speakers, dinners, etc. in different countries and cities. I’ve yet to attend an event (although I’m determined to make it to at least one this summer) but I do usually try to take advantage of the other opportunities.

This week, the GSB Digest started off with an announcement for the Buddy Program. I’ve never heard of it before, so I’m guessing it hasn’t been around for too long. According to the email, the program is designed to pair up students in the class of 2015 with similar students in the class of 2014 so that we can ask questions. I’ve already reached out to a bunch of current students via email and Skype to ask about classes, clubs, and a joint degree program I’m interested. But I figure it never hurts to know another person on campus, so I filled out the short survey to sign up. According to the survey, last year 30% of the class participated- it’ll be interesting to see how many members of the class take advantage of the opportunity this year.

I’ve also already signed up to be a Leadership Fellow Coachee, which seems to be a more formal mentorship program. Second year students apply to be Leadership Fellows (I’m pretty sure they also take a class) and then use first years as guinea pigs to work on their leadership and mentoring skills. It sounds like the second years get a lot of personal development out of it, and the first years can form a great relationship and get lots of advice on classes and internships and all that stuff. In the past I’ve always found that being involved in similar programs (I was a mentee and then a mentor in a campus-wide program when I was an undergrad) has been invaluable in helping me make the most of my time and opportunities at school. Apparently the Leadership Fellow program is very popular on campus, so “signing up” just means that my name has been entered in the lottery. I’ve been through so many lotteries already it’s starting to drive me nuts- housing, pre-MIX, this, etc. So far I’ve come out of all the lotteries with my top choice, so I’m guessing my luck will have to turn at some point- I just hope it doesn’t happen until after this one.

As an aside, if you’re reading this post it means you probably have an interest in the Stanford GSB. I’d love any feedback about how (un)helpful my posts are and if there’s anything specific you want me to write about (although keep in mind I don’t start classes for another 3 months)!


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4 Responses to My Stanford Buddy

  1. tripsd says:

    So far so good, its interesting to hear how much is already keeping you busy with school. I will be very interested to read more as you actually start school in the fall. I am applying for Fall ’14 so very nice to get an inside look!

    • Glad to hear you like it. Kudos for being my first comment- it’s exciting to realize that someone actually read some posts and I’m not just writing for myself! Today started a short series of posts that will be about how I approached my application to the GSB, so feel free to let me know if there is anything specific you want to hear about that could help with your application. Good luck!!!
      : )

  2. sempreschumy says:

    Great info! Thanks for taking the time to share everything with others! If we are admitted, first round of drinks is on us… so if you get plenty of readers you might drink for free in your second year .. plenty of if’s, of course 🙂

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