The Network

I have a long list of topics I want to touch upon over the coming months. For today, I want to share some of my thoughts on the network my fellow classmates have already begun to form.

The easiest way to keep up with it all is through the facebook groups. There seem to be dozens of groups floating around already- an official group set up by the GSB, an unofficial group set up by students already at the GSB so that they can share important info & answer our questions, and a bunch of smaller groups organized around cities/countries. For the last month or two it seems like there have been daily posts by classmates who are taking some time off to travel the world. In the past week there have been posts about meet-ups in Amsterdam, Stockholm, Cape Town, Zanzibar, Bruxelles, San Francisco, NYC, Paris, and Prague. It sounds like people are already having a lot of fun- and it all makes me wish I weren’t stuck in China for another month of work.

I have had the chance to trade emails and Linkedin messages with about a half dozen of my classmates, mostly after introductions by mutual friends. It is amazing how even though the GSB community is so small it seems like everyone I run into knows someone who is already a student or who will be in my class. For those like me, who don’t live in cities with big groups of admits and who also missed out on Admit Weekend, email seems to be the best way to get to know future classmates.

Of course, I’m counting the days til I head to the city for the summer and can meet some classmates in person. And I’ve already begun to book plane tickets for some summer adventures with my classmates. There are a few big groups traveling Europe and South East Asia, another group heading to Greece for Yacht Week, a huge group going on the annual Colombia trip for a week and then four smaller groups doing the official pre-MIX trips. I wanted to do everything, but between time constraints (finishing work, spending time with family, getting ready for classes to start) and limited funds (my loans are going to be enormous already; I don’t want to make them too much bigger before I even show up on campus) I ended up deciding on just the Colombia trip and a pre-mix. I say “just” because two weeks of travel seems quite moderate compared to what many of my classmates are planning. But when I compare it to real life, it’s going to be an incredible couple of weeks. I can’t imagine a better way to get to know my future classmates before the craziness of classes begins.

I guess the most important part of all of this is that I regret that I am spending all of this spring abroad and missing out on a lot of opportunities. It’s so hard to stay focused on work when I keep hearing about all the amazing trips and meet-ups that my classmates are already taking advantage of. If I could do it again, I would try to finish work a few months earlier, or at least to spend this spring in the same location as some of my future classmates.

I know that’s not the most insightful information…hopefully I’ll be able to report back on Colombia and Pre-MIX at the end of the summer. Over the next few days/weeks my plan is to add some posts on housing, MBA prep courses, my car/bike plans, and the other things I’m dealing with as I get ready to head to the GSB. And once classes start I’ll be able to start posting things that are actually useful!


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