Midterms! (and Winter Quarter Academics)

I got distracted by school again. It’s amazing how much is going on at any given second. Downtime gets swallowed up with BBLs, weekend trips, recruiting, startup idea conversations, and so on.


So….midterms. They officially ended last Sunday night. Continue reading

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My First Quarter in a Nutshell

First quarter is over. Actually, it’s been over for a couple of weeks, but since winter quarter hasn’t started yet I don’t think this update is toooooo late. Fall quarter was more fun and more exhausting than I could have imagined, even after reading and hearing about it from other MBAs. Continue reading

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Global Experience Requirement (GER)

As requested…a rundown on the GER. Every MBA student has to have some sort of global experience in order to graduate. On the one hand this is nice, because it means that by graduation everyone has left the US at least once and learned about another country and culture. Continue reading

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Leadership Labs, SEED, and the Executive Challenge.

The. Executive. Challenge. One of the big mysteries of fall quarter.

It all starts with a class called Leadership Labs (aka LeadLabs…everything is abbreviated here), which runs for the whole quarter. For LeadLabs each section is divided up into small groups of 5 or 6 students. These small groups are known as Continue reading

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Joint and Dual Degrees

Yup, there are lots of people who want more than just an MBA. It’s kinda crazy and kinda awesome. According to the GSB admissions website 15% of the class already has an advanced degree before starting their MBA. Another 20% of students are pursuing a second degree at the same time as their MBA. Continue reading

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On Campus Recruiting (OCR)

Okay, here we go. I’ve got some substantial travel time coming up over the next few weeks and I plan to use some of these airport waits, plane rides, and bus trips to get the content I’ve been meaning to post for months finally written out.

To start with, as requested by Gsb Admit (and congrats on being admitted!!!!), here is a rundown on OCR. The acronym stands for On Campus Recruiting. Stanford has divided recruiting into (I think) three buckets. The first bucket (OCR) consists of big companies, such as consulting firms, banks and tech giants, which want to hire lots of MBAs and come do interviews on campus. The second bucket is Continue reading

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Finals Week

And….I slacked off on posting again.

Before I get to the boring stuff, CONGRATULATIONS to all the new admits! I can’t wait to meet you all at admit weekend (which is definitely worth the trip).

For those of you wondering exactly what you’ll be up to a year from today let me run through the events of the week.  Continue reading

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Ummmm…busy. Busy, busy, busy. I’m not really sure why, but the past month has been unbelievably busy.

We are four weeks into the first quarter. Plus Week 0 before that and move-in week before that. And two weeks of traveling with classmates before that. All together it’s been 8 weeks since I first met my classmates. And I love them.  Continue reading

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Week 0

I made it through Week 0! I am officially 1/105 of my way through the GSB.

Week 0 is basically an orientation week, but the GSB has managed to include an entire course along with all the orientation stuff. Granted, the course is very easy and very short and only worth 1 credit (105 credits are required to graduate), but I’m still going to claim that I have now completed a class at the GSB and am 1/105 of my way to graduation! Continue reading

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The Articles

I’m sure that some of you seriously interested in business school read the New York Times articles last week. For those who haven’t found them yet, the initial article was about the gender divide at Harvard, followed by a second one on the wealth divide.

My first impression was that the articles must be overblown. Continue reading

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